Dr. Warren’s materials are fun, easy to use, and very effective with a wide-range of students struggling with a variety of critical thinking skills.  Her materials contain high-interest topics, presented in a kid-friendly manner, and capture the essence of a variety of fundamental thinking, reasoning, and learning skills.  The elementary and middle school students find the content manageable, interesting, and engaging.  In fact, many students look forward to doing work from Dr. Warren’s materials, which are subsequently used as “reinforcers” that the students can “earn” once they’ve completed their other work.  What a testament to the value of her materials.  I highly recommend Dr. Warren’s Good Sensory Learning Tools for parents and professionals who are looking for comprehensive, effective, creative, fun, and approachable materials to help build essential skills. 

- Ilaina Blum, Santa Monica, CA

Fun, functionality and mindfulness are at the heart of Good Sensory Learning materials.  We offer an ever expanding selection of entertaining, multi-sensory educational tools, teaching activities, teacher worksheets, teaching strategies and other cognitive remedial tools that are designed to empower students of all ages and help educators of all types to organize their sessions or lesson plans.  Learning can be and should be fun, and Dr. Warren creates materials that are student tested to assure popularity. 




Learning Specialist Materials

Good Sensory Learning


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Mindful and Multisensory Materials

Dr. Erica Warren

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